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Belt Mesh Dryer

Belt Mesh Dryer

Nets belt dryer is the common continuous drying equipment. It is widely used in chemical industry, food, medicine,building material, electronic industry and so on. It is particularly applicable to dry pieces, strips, granule materials. For the filtration cake series creamy materials, also can go through pellet machine after molding mechanism for drying.
The material is uniformly tiled in mesh belt, drag from the actuator to move back and forth within the dryer, hot air between material flows and water vapor discharged from the humidity and the hole, then you can get drying materials.

To get the best drying results and appropriate yield, moisture content of materials, wire mesh belt speed, temperature and wind with the wind amount must be reasonable, appropriate combination.

The advantages at a glance

1. Low investment, fast speed drying, high evaporation rate.
2. High efficiency, high output, high quality.
3. Standardized production, capable of increase the number of segments depend on the capacity
4. Good sealing, good efficiency of dust removing. 

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