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Cyclone is intermediate dust removal equipment widely used in industrial, its the key part which can effect the whole dust removal system. Cyclone centrifugal dust collector is called cyclone, named from English words"cyclone". The inventor inspired by Tornado, when the solid particle rotation accompany with the wind, its centrifugal force is greater than the air's, so as to seperate the solid particle and air. 
Cyclone dust collector is whirling airflow generated by the centrifugal force of the dust, which is separated from the combined gas stream out of the dust removal equipment, generally suitable for processing large particle dust laden air.

The advantages at a glance

1. Simple structure, small land area size, less investment in the manufacture and installation;
2. The body of no motive power means no special auxiliary equipment;
3. Pressure loss medium, small power consumption, operation, low maintenance costs;
4. Stable performance, without dust concentration gas temperature limit.

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