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Packing Machine

Hopper weighing packing machine is widely used for weighing and packing pellet materials such as pellet products, grain, forage, bean pulp, rice and chemical materials. It uses fully electronic weighing system, two load cells support hopper weighing and weighing pressure makes balance design so as to ensure weighing accuracy.
Particles packing machine apply to fill those powder and granulated materials with better liquidity, and widely used for small sized packing of medicine, food, chemicals, pesticides, starch, grains etc.

▪ 20 weighing samples can be stored for weight selection conveniently and quickly, the remote communication port is equipped as well.
▪ Unique feeder design is used, two cylinders drive feed and are adjustable.
▪ It can suit changeable requirements of feed quantity, and ensures high speed and high accuracy.
▪ Importing parts with high quality are selected so as to ensure stability and reliability.
▪ Packing speed adjustable , greatly reduce the labor intensity.

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