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Pellet Machine
New centrifugal pellet machine

New centrifugal pellet machine

YuFChina specializes in the research and production of wood chip pellet machine and Biomass Pellet production Line equipment.We had served thousands of customers from 2004, providing them with one-stop service from production line design, equipment purchase, export transportation,to on-site installation guidance, make customers satisfactory as the machine running smoothly.
The new type of centrifugal pellet machine was the fifth generation researched and improved by us. Its mainly feature are maintenance free and low energy consumption. This type has better stability than normal type, can guarantee 24 hours continuous production. It adopts large modulus hard tooth surface helical gear reduction box, the spindle has been strengthened and have a stronger output power. The machine can operate stably and have low failure rate and production cost. It is the preferred model in the biomass pellet industry.

The features of the new type Pellet machine

First, High automation degree, needn’t assign people to monitor

The feeding speed can be adjusted automatically according to the running current of the equipment during the process of the machine start-up,which increases the capacity and reduce the electricity cost, avoids the problems such as stuffing caused by the over speed of feeding the materials.Especially for multiple equipment,can save a lot of labors for monitor the machine.

Second,enhanced the reduction box transmission

1).  The machine is driven by parallel helical gears with smooth transmission and low noise, so the meshing performance is excellent.

2). We adopts the hardened helical gear in the reduction box, broadened the tooth surface, increased the modulus number. The big contact ratio of the gear helps to reduce the load to each gear, therefore increase the loading capacity, performs 5-10 times better than traditional gearbox.

3). Low failure rate


YuFChina can provide you with different purchase guidance of the Biomass pellet equipment, we can customized your own pellet production line according to your requirements. We have many years experience in exporting the biomass pellet production equipment, we have completed after-sales service, our engineers available to offer installation guidance in your site, resolve all of your worries.
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