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Production Line
Complete Production Line for 6 t/h Wood Pellet Mill
Complete Production Line for 6 t/h Wood Pellet Mill
Production line Overview
Chipping and Crushing Chipping and Crushing
滚筒烘干机 Drying
制粒机 Pelletizing
包装机 Cooling and Packaging
Chipping and Crushing

Chipping and Crushing

Our Wood Chipper & Hammer Mill equipment can process different sizes of wood, woody waste, and other biomass material to suitable fine powder for pelleting. They are adaptable to a variety of applications. All production rates vary depending on screen size, feedstock quality, moisture content, and feed rates.

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Our revolutionary approach to drying is based on the fact that it is much more efficient to dry biomass waste such as chips or sawdust with your own feedstock as fuel. Our Specialized Dryers are capable of low temperature and high temperature drying which is ideal for Wood chips and sawdust drying.

Compared with using natural gas, propane or electric heat, our biomass based burning system is the most efficient way to dry your raw product and make it ready for pelleting. To provide more flexible solutions for you, we supply drum dryer, triple pass dryer and air-flow dryer depending on the capacity selected.

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Pellet Machine


Whether softwood or hardwood, particle board or MDF, all our turnkey pellet mill systems are capable of making quality wood pellets. We have turnkey systems that take small chips, shavings, or CNC dust collector waste and transform them into quality, dust-free wood pellets with high BTU-value, low ash, and low fines.

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Cooling and Packaging

Pellet Cooling and Packaging System are also important in the scale production. We build full and semi-automated lines that can cool and pack pellets. Depending on need, the systems can be built to accept bulk bags or custom steel hoppers can be built above for accepting pellets straight from the line for cooling, packing and delivery.

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Package System
Raw material - all the biomass waste, such as wood, sawdust, straw, cotton stalk, rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo, empty fruit branch, waster paper, corncob and Palm fiber, etc.
We can provide various process designs according to your different material and capacity requirements. YuFChina have rich experience of design and installation, we can offer best wood pellet solution to you.Choose YuFeng, choose satisfaction.
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