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Wood Chipper
Comprehensive crusher / Large Capacity Wood Log and Stump Crusher

Comprehensive crusher / Large Capacity Wood Log and Stump Crusher

  More large production,more wide range chipper!Raw materials can be treated:Wood piers,roots,logs,branches,branches,tree roots,packing boxes,wooden pallets,demolition materials,large waste wood furniture and other large size or irregular size materials.


        Application of Large Capacity Wood Log and Stump Crusher
  A wide range of raw materials and wood processing,such as all of small-diameter,slab,logs,core,tree stump,timber,wood branch,brushwood,wooden pallet,large waste wood furniture,such as building templates and variety of non wood raw materials such as all kinds of bulk straw,cotton stalk,reed,wide application range.
   Usage of finished product by Large Capacity Wood Log and Stump Crusher
  For Woody Material-after crushing can be used for power plant,also can do all kinds of wood pellet,briquette and charcoal,etc.Specially for tree branch crushing in large orchard and garden
  For Crop Straw Material-after straw crushing and kneading can be used for animal fodder,which have significantly improved of yield and quality for the green&yellow storage of large cattle and sheep feeds.

Fixed crusherFixed crusher
  Structure of Large Capacity Wood Log and Stump Crusher
  This machine have two types,that is Stationary Type and Diesel Engine Mobile Type.
  The complete unit include with host,raddle conveyor for feeding,belt conveyor for discharge,and Intelligent numerical control system,which has reasonable structure,simple operation and high automation.
  The mobile type will settle the problem of power shortage and device immovable problems,and greatly solve the extra cost caused by long-distance transportation of raw materials.Feeding Scraper Chain Conveyor greatly reduce the extra cost for maintenance and spare parts.Intelligent Numerical Control System gives you better customer experience and more stable and smooth production.
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