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What are the benefits of biomass pellets?

The wood pellet machine is also called biomass pellet machine. The solid waste agricultural products and other organic biomass materials are crushed and pressurized. A complete set of mechanized production equipment that turns raw materials into pellets.

The biomass pellet machine adopts the method of extrusion molding. The squeezing force between the pressing rolls and the frictional force of the die holes make the material into particles.

When add the material don’t need add any binder or other substances during processing. The plant straw granule forming machine uses various kinds of crop straws, tree branches and leaves, sawdust, Chinese medicine slag and fungus waste in agricultural production activities as raw materials.

The formed plant straw carbon block has a small volume. The size is only 1/30 of the original plant straw; it is 10-15 times of the same weight of plant straw; the burning value is high, the calorific value can reach 3200-4500 kcal; not only that, but also convenient for storage and transportation in daily production activitie


Biomass particle line process diagram

Advantages of biomass pellet fuel compared to coal resources:

1. Biomass pellet fuels have low water content and high calorific value. Moreover, the biomass pellet fuel is don’t contain sulfur and phosphorus and is non-corrosive, which can extend the service life of the boiler.

2. The ash after the combustion of biomass fuel is a high-quality potash fertilizer, which can be recycled and used for farmland to promote the growth and development of crops.

3. Biomass fuels are of high purity and contain no gangue, stones or other debris.

Wood pellet fuel can replace wood, traditional coal energy, and natural gas to a certain extent. Used in domestic heating stoves, industrial boilers, and coal fuels used in alternative power plants.

Biomass pellet is a new type of renewable energy, environmentally friendly and clean, and the price is far lower than the price of coal in the market, the application range is extremely wide.

Biomass pellets are small in smoke and dust, and meet the national environmental protection requirements. They are the most cost-effective renewable energy sources.

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