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Announcing the Yufchina Blog

    Hi ! welcome to Yufchina’s blog. We are devoted to helping people select and use the pellet making production machines, one of the best ways it to learn experiences from the successful cases, that is why we open our blog to share our knowledge with our friends.

    Here is to supply the information about the pellet products and pellet production machines, this is to help people make analysis about the pellet market, and get professional guidance.

What can I get here?

  •  Here you can get the latest news about Yufchina.

Yufchina group

    You can learn about the latest news about Yufchina, we will keep you updated in blog when we have news about machines, customer cases, team-work culture, etc, all the events will be shown in the blog. So this blog is where you can learn about Yufchina.

  • To get more professional knowledge about the pellet fuel.

pellet fuel knowledge

    Now, we have a place where can help each other become even better selector and user. Are you still caring about how to select the best pellet machines? Don’t worry, we are always open to share professional suggestions. To learn how to use the machines correctly? How to extend the service life? Our blog can supply far more than these.

  • To have close interaction with Yufchina and peers


    Whether about Yufchina or peers, both are ok. You have doubts about the machines? Have better suggestions for Yufchina? You can leave your message on our blog, everybody can see your message, we can communicate and learn from each other.

Yufchina Team

    We would like you to truly learn about Yufchina, rather than just the ice-cold machines. You can witness our young team, and experience our culture. It is these lovely people who are communicating with you and making cooperation with you. Yes, it is warm.

How can I participate?

    It is easy, you can make comments and leave message once you visit our blog, no need registration. We will reply you immediately for your questions. This interaction keeps the blog interesting and valuable to everyone.

Is it to promote product?

Put simply: no. Yufchina is devoted to supply more professional and comprehensive service, we will not make compulsion introduction about our machine through the blog. To open the blog is to show people the truly Yufchina, same time, we share the knowledge with you all people.  

     By far, our blog is still in the trial test process, if you have any suggestions about the interface or function, please leave message. Thank you for your support and paying attention to  Yufchina.

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