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Meet the 2t/h pellet production line at Vietnam

Yufchina machine can work for continuously 24 hours, we hope to try my best to perfect every detail, to avoid the machine malfunction in the work, this can reflect in our production line in February for the Vietnam customers.

2t/h pellet production line made in Yufchina

Video is about Yufchina designed 2 t/h pellet production line for Vietnam customer. It consisted of vertical ring die pellet machine , feeder, electronic control system, etc. The raw material saves a lot of cost, because wood sawdust from wood furniture factory, which reduce rotary dryer and wood chipping process.

vietnam customer raw material

Actually before also mentioned: for a production line, the quality of a single far less important than the whole production line of design process, it requires meticulous perfect match between assembly line design and equipment.


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Though the capacity of this production line is not big, but on the automation and fluency, it has outstanding performance.This can be clearly felt in the video.

wood pellet production

How to test the quality of the wood pellet?

Whether the quality of wood pellet is OK or not, the first is to look at the glossiness of pellets, and then touch pellets, the surface is smooth or not, without cracks or not, hardness, Of course consider the moisture content of sawdust pellets, energy density and calorific value.

Although the video did not give sawdust pellet stand out picture, we can be able to see the appearance of pellets, uniform size, smooth surface, high gloss.There is no doubt that sales of pellets of the Vietnam customer is very good.

What’s the point of mold for pellet machine?

Experienced pellet producers should all know, a pellet machine discharging is good or bad depends on the adoption of the mold.So “ mould is the heart of the pellet machine "is not exaggerated.

Neat die hole, hole wall smooth steel mold to press out good quality pellets.Inferior ring die die hole wall roughness, ring die compression ratio two-tone, will cause the discharge difficult, die blocked the status of the machine.

Alloy steel mold from Yufchina, life can reach 1000 hours, and very convenient to change, easy to operate, which make Yufchina machine has more competitive advantage in manufacturing industry .


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