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The Singapore Loyal customers story relate to Yufchina

This Singapore customer have order four times from Yufchina .We haven’t ask why our customer buy our machine ,but he buy our machine one by one .
Careless bought

Customer buy the machine mainly supply pellet to his power plant .First he bought from other factory ,good performance when testing ,but after bougth it ,it can’t produce well in home .Can’t image how much lost customer has .


Choose Yufchina

At last ,customer heard Yufchina from friend .We have test his material,then make pellet ,and delivery sample ,test heat value,moisture,density,crack rate,etc.We design a special line for this customer .


As to last lesson ,Customer bought one biomass pellet machine and produce pellet ,after one week ,he order three pellet machine and double rotor hammer mill again to expand factory.

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