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Hard power! Yufchina Customer repurchase rate 70 %!


Which kind of equipments added for Vietnam's largest pellet production line?

The delivery items totaling 156pcs, total weight 126826 kg.Customer order is mainly 828 double stick stump mill , B1200 belt conveyor  and a series of ancillary equipment.

This is the second time to repurchase Yufchina machine from the Vietnam customer, he has now Vietnam's largest pellet production line.Of course, it is built by Yufchina company in last December, design production is in 16-20 t/h, it is consisted of 8 sets YFK680 models of pellet machine .


What is the usage of his pellets? yes, export! His clients have already throughout Europe and the United States market. The development of the business is really great, otherwise IT wouldn't be so quick to add equipment.

B1200 belt conveyor

A repurchase rate of 70%!Why can Yufchina attract you repurchase?

For large pellet production line , the value of a single pellet machine is far less important than the whole production line of design process.It requires the whole process of various components cooperate and complement with each other.

In Yufchina, you can enjoy a full range of design services, the engineer will design the overall layout drawings according to your actual requirements, specific to each piece of equipment, installation of each parts.


Since you choose Yufchina, material testing, finished product analysis, equipment configuration, layout drawings, installation and debugging, each job has the engineer tracking, you only need to test results.

Through the review, Yufchina current has reached 91.5% customer satisfaction.To most people, it is just a simple numbers, but it is Yufchina  efforts with professional technical services and high quality grades.When the quality approved, it would be worth it!

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