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The Rational Choice of Macedonia Pellet Producers

Hardwood, oak, beech, you also try to use these material to press pellets?

Macedonia, a country located in the Balkans of south-eastern Europe. Of course, Yufchina broadened the scope Of business. On April 25, the delivery is for the sake of the pellet producers from Macedonia.

His choice of raw material?

hardwood, oak, beech, these heavy and hard materials. Yufchina pellet machine materials covering ability is stand the test of practice. After engineers constantly updated products, Yufchina pellet machine materials coverage reached more than 90%.

Actually contact the customer at the beginning, we put forward its own request: output capacity is about 0.8- 1 t/h, pellet diameter size is about 6mm.
According to these requirements, we specially configured for him the corresponding pellet machine and a series of production parts. A YFK550 pellet machine , five ring die mold, a electric control cabinet and so on.

YFK560 wood pellet machine

Why do you want to buy five alloy steel mold one time?

All professional pellet manufacturers should know, mould is sawdust pellet machine's main working parts.Pellet machine discharging is good or bad depends on the adoption of the ring die.It is no exaggeration to say, mould is the heart of the sawdust pellet machine.

In the working process of wood pellet machine, mold will be continuously rolling, extrusion by material and roller, caused to blemish, the blemish mold performance will be declined, which will greatly influence pellet machine production efficiency and improve the quality of molding.Therefore, it is very important to choose appropriate high-performance mould.

pellet machine shipments

 Yufchina mould with high alloy wear resistant materials, high strength, surface hardness of HRC - 61, avoid such as crack, metal shed and partial grinding, etc, greatly improving the ring die service life.

According to Yufchina engineer of design and calculation, the ring die life is about 1000 hours, higher than the average level in counterparts.More important, it is convenient when replacing the mould, simple operation, don't need professional installation.This is why the customer wants to order 5 at one time.

Hard power! Yufchina Customer repurchase rate 70 %!

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