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18th-20th, August, 2015 Guangzhou International Biomass Exhibition preheating

Visit Yufchina client production line?  

We make the video for whole production line within 2 month. Then the cameraman trim the video and show the complete workflow of the entire production line.

pellet production line

Learn Yufchina machines?  

The designer designs the product brochure, the engineer offers accurate data informationand the production line introduction, you can learn Yufchina pellet machine from all prospective.  

Yufchina brochure

Check Yufchina pellet machine quality?

You can visit the pellet machine directly in display area. Speaking the sample, enough to make designer tears ran.  The color scheme is above 20 types, then the designer redesigns and revises it.

  • At first, Yufchina pellet machine's color like this:

pellet machine
  • The boss hope it can attract clients eyes immediately then design this color:

pellet machine
  • Is it too wink? Then make it a bit mild, there it is:

pellet machine
  • It does not attract the boss, then try this?

pellet machine
  • Then? What is the last color?

  • This one?

pellet machine
  • Maybe this one?

pellet machine
  • Or this one?

pellet machine

At last, which one?  I do not know.
Secret? Maybe.
Welcome to visit us in exhibition. You will get it.

Is there preferential if I purchase the machine?   

Enter "Meet exhibition" page, fill in personal information. 
To make deal with Yufchina at exhibition site, you can get to purchase 10% OFF!  

What? Yufchina exhibition booths?

A620-A625 booth (Area A), China Import and Export Fair Hall.

Welcome to visit us, the professional engineer will introduce you pellet machine.
We can talk detail face-to-face if you have any questions.

      ♦ If you have already run your own production line, you can get some professional suggestions and help you production if you come and talk our engineer.

      ♦ If you prepare to purchase production line equipments, you can visit our machines and learn us face-to-face. At last, we believe you will choose us.

Dated on 18th-20th August. Take a look at these lovely people.

exhibition booth

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