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Vietnamese customer purchase Yufchina pellet mill at sixth time

This is the sixth time the Vietnamese client choose Yufchina equipment, and he hase ordered Yufchina pellet machine for 5 times. This can be called the most loyal customers.

pellet machine

Delivery: two sets 90KW of YFK560 pellet machine

YFK560 capacity is 1-1.5 t / h.the power is 90 kw. This is his sixth time for his purchase of new pellet production line equipment. Its production of pellet fuel is for sale, the majority of exports to Europe and America countries, carry out heating, industrial combustion and so on.

pellet machine

In order to meet production needs, he must expand their production, increase equipment and expand production. Because he trusts Yufchina equipment enough, then he purchases the sixth time.

Advantages and characteristics of sawdust pellet
Raw materials are mainly sawdust. sawdust is the main raw material to produce biomass pellet fuel, without adding any binder. It goes through compression molding, so the density increases, the loose sawdust can be turned into fuel pellets. Calorific value of sawdust pellet fuel can reach 4,500-5,000kcal / kg, moisture ≦ 8%, ash content of 1.5% -3%.

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Biomass particles have various of materials, including wood chips, sawdust, straw, peanut shells, cotton stalks, garbage, straw, corn stalks, etc., which is the highest value of burning wood chips and sawdust pellet fuel, straw, followed by garbage most difference.

Ash pure sawdust biomass particles only 1%, it is one of many raw materials, minimal ash. As we know, the less ash shows that raw materials are pure, pressing the particles not easy slagging, long burning time. So, sawdust as raw materials to produce particles would be a right choice.

pellet machine

pellet machine

2 Sets YFK560 Pellet Machine Delivery To Vietnam

Successful Finish Shipment 6-8TPH Biomass Pellet Line To India

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