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6 Tips helps you choose wood pellet raw material

Wood pellet Raw material !
First, what is the raw material? Is it abudant? Already tested?
Then, the following six points helps you choose gooda wood pellet raw material, which is helpful for your biomass pellet line.


Be strict in raw material moisture. It is better control in 14%-20%. If  lower moisture, biomass pellets will not be easily formed. If  higher moisture, the pellets will be easily loose or crack.

sawdust materail

Self-adhesion material

Raw material must have self-adhesion.
If not, pellets will not be formed well, or loose and crack. So if you see some material without self-adhesion made into pellets well, it must add some adhensive or fermented.

Add adhesive?

If you want sawdust pellets, then just use sawdust enough, no need adhensive. Because sawdust is an unrefined fiber material with self-adhesion. It forms pellets nuatually.

Mix together with different sawdust?

Yes, you can add different sawdust. All kinds wood sawdust, such as Chips and sawdust, mahogany, poplar, furniture factory wastes. Widely speaking, agricultural straw, peanut shells, also can pressed into pellets, called biomass pellets.

Wood chips

How to control sawdust size after crusher?

Tree branch must be crushed before entering to the pellet machine, the crushed size depends on pellet machine mold hole size and the pellets size you want. Different size with different capacity, or even it can not form into pellets.

How to deal with raw material moldy?

Raw material is moldy, or become black, woodcellulose is decomposed by microorganisms, it will not be pressed into qualified pellets.
If you still want to use it, please add 50% new sawdust mixing together.

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