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Pellet Machine Mold Maintenance

The Mold (ring die) is the most important component of the pellet machine, carry out proper maintenance is an necessary measure to keep the machine working normally and can prolong the service life. You should attention the following points in pellet making work:

1)、  When the feed pellet machine mold need to be replaced, you should squeeze the feed left in the machine with non-corrosive oil to make the machine clean, this can make the following discharge smoothly and prevent the mold from being blocked and corrosion.

2)、When the ring die was used for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether there is uneven protruding part on the inner surface of the ring die regularly , and check whether there are any flattening, sealing or inversion phenomena at the orifice of the die. Once found,you should use a polisher or other tools to flatten the protruding parts and then chamfer the guide port to repair the ring mold so as to extend the service life.The lowest part of the inner surface of the mold should be 2mm higher than the bottom of the bottom layer, and there should have
adjustment allowance for the eccentric shaft of the roller after repairing, otherwise the ring die should be scrapped.

3)、If most of the die holes were blocked by materials, you should soften the material by soaking in oil or cooking in oil, and then granulated again. If it is still unable to work, you can use a electric drill to drill the material blocked the die holes, and then produce after grinding with oil-based materials and fine sand.

4)、The ring mold must be stored in a dry, clean place and marked with specifications. If stored in a humid place, it may cause corrosion of the ring mold, thereby reducing the service life or affecting the discharge effect.

In summary, only by fully understanding the basic characteristics of the ring mold and have a correct selection, reasonable use and effective maintenance, can fully play the functions of pellet machine and the ring mold, thereby reducing costs, improving working efficiency and the quality of the pellet, and creating more economic benefits for feed processing enterprises (farmers).

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