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Biomass Pellet Fuel can replace Coal or not?

Biomass pellet fuel is produced by straw, rice straw, rice husks, peanut shells, residues for wood industries etc., for environmental protection and new energy through processing. With the popularity of biomass fuel, nowadays it has been applied in various industries.

Biomass Pellet Fuel

As a new type of renewable energy, biomass pellet fuel can bring  enormous ecological and social benefits, which the coal fuel can not gives. Coal or Biomass Pellet, which is better?

    ► Biomass Pellet have the advantage of High burning rate, up to 98%. Low sulfur content, without adding desulfurization unit.

    ► Biomass Pellet have the advantage of Environmental protection, regeneration, and convenient transportation.

    ► Biomass Pellet have the advantage of Sustainable usage. Burning ash by biomass pellet can be used as fertilizers to promote plant growth.

The most important thing is the biomass pellet fuel is a renewable resources to meet the requirement of social production continuously, while coal fuels are non-renewable resources and reduce day by day.

Biomass Pellet Fuel

When we want to replace the coal by biomass pellet, we must learn what is the heating value of biomass pellet fuel?  If it is indeed can replace the coal as a new energy?

Comparasion of normal pellets calorific value

– – Heating value will between 4300 ~ 4500KCAL / KG by wood as raw mateirals.

– – For example: all kinds of pine (pine, white pine, Pinus sylvestris, fir, etc.), hardwood (oak, catalpa, elm, etc.) - pellet heating value= 4500KCAL / KG;

– – Soft hardwood (aspen, birch, fir, etc.) - pellet heating value = 4300 KCAL / KG.

– – Straw pellets of low calorific - pellet heating value value = 3000 ~ 3800 KCAL / KG,

– – Bean straw, cotton straw, peanut shells - pellet heating value =  3800KCAL/KG

– – Corn stalk, Rapeseed rod - pellet heating value = 3700 KCAL / KG;

– – Wheat straw - pellet heating value = 3500KCAL/KG

– – Potato straws - pellet heating value = 3400KCAL/KG

– – Rice straw - pellet heating value = 3000KCAL/KG

To reach higher heating values, if we carbonization the forestry pellet fuel after carbonization, it will be more than 7000KCAL / KG. You know even the standard coal calorific value is only 7000KCAL / KG. Thus, biomass pellet fuel can replace coal as a new energy.

This data is just for reference only, the calorific value will be different according to different pellet composition.

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