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Drum chipper and disc chipper

The wood processing industry is becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more people in the wood processing industry. The various machinery used in wood processing are becoming more and more diverse as a result of technological advancement and technological improvements, as an important product of wood processing. The wood chipper is even more so, and it doesn't matter which one is good. In fact, wood chippers can always be divided into disc chippers and drum chippers.

For their difference, let's make a comparison. The purchase of the two is mainly different from the customer's needs, and there is no difference in merit.

Drum chipper
Drum chipper

The disc chipper can only cut logs, wood and wood branches with a diameter of less than 200mm due to the inlet. It can process pine, hardwood, poplar, fir, bamboo and other biomass pellet production lines suitable for low capacity.

When selecting, the user can decide what kind of wood chipper he needs according to the estimated output of his own production line and the type of raw materials.

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