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Five Advantage of biomass pellet fuel

1. Clean and Green. Biomass pellet fuel is made of natural material, harmful gas component content is extremely low when burning, which can instead of city gas.

2. High burning ratio. Biomass pellet fuel can increase the wood materials' combustion efficiency, and the thermal efficiency will be 80% higher.Burn calories for 1 tons of biomass pellet fuel is equivalent to 0.8 tons of coal.


3.Safety in use.Biomass fuel is made of natural sawdust,it is without any fissile,explosion or chemical substances.

Pellet combustion

4. Space Saving. After high temperature compression, the biomass fuel is space saving and easy to transport,and this can save the transportation cost.

5.Sustainable utilization. Stove ash after biomass fuel burning waste can be directly used as potash fertilizer,this potassium will increase the plants growing speed,so as to bring the biological resources comes in to new circulation.

What is the use of wood pellet fuel?

How wood pellets are made?

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