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6 things you must know to make your own pellets

You also want to build your own pellet fuel factory or make your own pellets ? only say that,you are really smart.This is a growing industry, join now, you will have a good harvest.

How to set up your own biomass factory?Which kind of things need to pay attention to? What are the preparation work? You may have a series of questions.

Don't worry, Yufchina will tell you these 6 things, you need to know about hot to set up a biomass pellet fuel plant.

1. Raw Material

This is your first issue to consider. You need to know which kind of your raw material, supply is adequate or not, whether can be made into pellets or not.

Around furniture factory, for example, it can be made pellets from sawdust; Many fields, it can be made pellets from rice straw, and all kinds of straw. many mountains, it can use the tree branches, bamboo powder, loose hair and so on to make pellets, solved this step, you will have a good start.

Biomass pellet raw material

2.Factory location

There are many points you need to consider:

    >  Area: factory land area should meet the requirements of production technology and transportation, and reserved land for expansion.

    >  Water: water convenient environment to ensure the efficiency of production.

    >  Power: small power can not move pellet machine, crusher, dryer, cooler, these big power consumption machines, so it needs to configure the transformer, to ensure power supply.

    >  Transportation: the site of factory should choose where transportation conveniently and rich raw materials, so that it can be helpful for production and transportation, and also reduce costs, convenient for transportation.

3. Workshop layout

All sorts of equipments should be compactly arrangement according to the structure of plant rational layout, both for the operation, maintenance and management, and also save area.

The main production equipment, such as crusher, pellet machine, etc. As far as possible on the location of the window, convenient for day lighting and operation.

Raw material storage area, production area, finished product storage yard, all these things need to carry on the reasonable planning, make full use of space saving. At the same time, it also notes fire separation, considering fire control safety.

Biomass production line

 4. Equipment configuration

    >  Choose a different capacity of pellet machine according to your actual production, suits your own is the best.

    >  According to the raw material, choose the corresponding auxiliary equipment: if the raw material humidity is big, it needs dryer ; if the raw material such as straw, wood, branches, it needs crusher .

    >  You’d better choose to have actual strength of professional manufacturers. Inspect the production time and scale of production, to check if it has gotten production standard certification, for example, ISO9001 certification, CE certification.

    >  Equipments can produce continuously 24 hours, higher productivity, less failure, and less power consumption. The service life of mold is as long as possible.

5 staffing

Determine your wood pellet production line scale, staffing provided according to the actual need.

In general, dust in pellet production site is heavy, labor cost will be increased. So choose a high degree of automatic pellet production line can reduce labor cost.

6.Biomass fuel sales market

To develop customer resources, let your pellet fuel have a good market. This is very important.

If you are brave enough, both domestic and foreign markets.

    >  It can be supplied to the family, as a general civil heating and life energy, more popular in northern Europe.

    >  It can be supplied power plant, used for thermal power.

    >  As the main fuel of biomass industry boiler, replacing coal, heavy oil and natural gas to solve the environment pollution.

Now know how to set up the biomass pellet fuel factory?If you have any questions, Please comment on the following, you will get the answer to the question!

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