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Market analysis of wood pellets price

Wood pellets --- One of the biggest export commodity

The researchers from Finland, Italy, the Netherlands and Brazil noted that biofuels development stimulate the woodchips demand growth rapidly. Wood pellet is treated as fuels initially, but nowadays the market is rapidly developed. So wood pellets are widely used in different industry globally.

*  As the superiority of wood pellets, it is increasing in production and trade. Although there is no accurate data about wood pellets production and trade, it has reached around 8800000 tons in 2007, until 2010, it reachs 17600000 tons. Wood pellets become a successful international transactions.

*  As canada for example, wood pellets develops rapidly in recent 10 years, the production capacity reachs from 173000 ton in 1997 to 1485000 ton in 2007. It mainly exports wood pellets to europe, which takes 60% in export.

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What is the wood pellets price in domestic?

* In United states maket, small package retail price: 170 USD/T, big package: 135 USD/T

* In Sweden, Ex-work price 150 USD/T; in Amsterdam, FOB price 80 USD/T in bulk

* In Netherlands,wood pellet is for power generation, the average price l  is 115 € /t, it reaches 140 € /t in 2009

* In Northern Europe, industrial wood pellets prices increased after 2009, it reaches to 138 euros per ton in October 2010 .

* It has great difference in bag wood pellets retail price 2007-2208, especially in Italy, France, Bulgaria and Hungary. The price lowers average 200-220 USD per ton in 2009. While in Bulgaria and Hungary, the demand for wood pellets is small, the price is low.



Wood pellets fuel, environmentally-friendly fuel , not only make a substantive contribution to "greenhouse gas emissions" , but can significantly reduce energy consumption. compared with fossil fuels, it can save an average of more than 50% energy.

eco efficiency

The French Government believes that the development of biomass energy source, not only protect the environment, mitigate climate change, but promote agricultural sustainable development; if we use biomass energy instead of oil, coal and other traditional energy sources, which can reduce crude oil imports 11 million ton per year, equal to save the 2.5 to 3 billion euros, reduction CO2 1600 million ton.


Social benefits - providing jobs

Compared with chemical fuel, wood pellet fuel is a remarkable economic performance of new and renewable energy. It is widely used in North America, Europe and other developed countries, which can be said to be a future-oriented alternative energy sources

--  US practice experience has shown that biomass power generation  labor intensive is higher than conventional power generation.

--  From 2005 france biomass energy development plan on, it offers 30000 jobs for france

In China, every 10 billion yuan of biomass industrial output value can provide over 1 million jobs.

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