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How to Purchase a Proper Crusher?

To make biomass pellets, it includes the process of raw material crushing, drying, finished cooling etc. Every process is of great importance that if not strictly followed,it may damage the pellets or even make them out of shape.

Crushing is the first step of whether the pellets would be successfully produced.But there are various kinds of crushers on the market,quite a few clients don’t know how to begin with selecting crushers.YUFCHINA will teach you how to purchase proper crushing equipment based on the experience in the industry for years.


Material characteristics

When purchasing the crusher, the clients should consider the characteristics of the material first.Regions,material’s hardness and moisture content are different,equipment needed will be different,too.

Crushing components of the machine

Blade,lining board,bearing,screen mesh are all the most easily worn components of the crusher.When purchasing,carefully observe whether these components are durable.



Try to purchase machines which are easy to operate and maintain with complete accessories and fully-automatic continuous feed.This can improve the crushing efficiency and cut down labor cost,which suits enterprise’s further development.

Reasonable price or not

It is not the truth that the more expensive a crusher is,the higher quality it has.Of course,the quality cannot be guaranteed if the price is reletively low.So,when purchasing,you should have a clear knowledge of the machine’s performance in all aspects and tell the machine’s quality fom that.


Brand strength

Try to choose enterprise with famous brand and guaranteed quality.Choose the model with mature technology and stable quality.And try to achieve low energy- consumption rate,low manual rate and low waste product rate.

On-site visit

If condition permits,bring samples to test the machine on site so that you can get to know the machine’s performance and the manufacturer’s strength.

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