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What Preparations Need to Be Made Before Purchasing Biomass Pellet Machine?

Before selecting and purchasing biomass pellet machine,we must make sufficient and necessary preparations.Then,What preparations need to be made ?

Purchase Pellet Machine

Cost Budget

Before purchasing biomass pellet machine , it´s necessary to have a cost budget. Don´t blindly follow suit.Know well of the material you will process and your demand, on that basis , start to purchase.

On-spot Investigation

You need to make an on-spot investigation before selecting and purchasing biomass pellet machine.Investigate the production capacity and corporate culture of the manufacture and have a clear knowledge of the manufacture´s strength,so as to ensure follow-up service.Besides, be sure to do the test running on the spot to see whether the material you provide can be shaped or not.

Purchase Pellet Machine

Selection of Equipment Type

There are many different types of biomass pellet machine in the market. Which one should we choose?Actually,as the technology improves in the past two years,
biomass pellet machine has upgraded.Vertical ring die biomass pellet machine has replaced old flat die pellet machine and horizontal pellet machine, becoming the most popular equipment at present.

This kind of pellet machine occupies less space . It has a wide range of application and high shaping rate.It is stable and durable,thus becoming the preferred choice of many clients.

Interior Configuraion of the Machine

The key to select and purchase biomass pellet machine is the interior configuration of the machine, the material and assembly structure of the equipment. Formal manufacture will do balance debugging when install all the moving parts of the equipment so as to help the machine to achieve high concentricity.Therefore , when the machine operates with high speed , there would be no vibration. The equipment is stable and not easy to be damaged.The simpler and easier to operate of the equipment , lower the failure rate will be , which means easier to maintain.

These are the preparations before selecting and purchasing biomass pellet machine. If needed,welcome to call YUFCHINA.We are very glad to serve you.

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