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What characteristics do a good pellet line have?

As we talked before, what kind of process do the complete pellet line conclude? Then what characteristics do a good pellet line have? Welcome to read this topic.

1. High degree automation, save human resource

-- When buying equipment, auxiliary equipment will be necessary because the price is abandoned, but from long terms perspective, it is not effective. As time goes on, the labor cost will be higher, while the device is a one-time investment, so it is necessary to improve the automation of the entire line, and reduce manual operation, saving the follow-up investment costs.

-- In biomass pellet production line, it can replace the necessary auxiliary equipment of 1-3 individuals. It is an effective measure to maximize the degree of automation, improve net profit, save the cost.
The automation level will determine the costs. Higher automation can make our production more secure and help customers get more profit.

pellet production line

2. Stead performance, lower damage

-- The roll bearing life span is above 800 hours, however, some suppliers roll is less than 200 hours.

-- The ring die life span is above 1000 hours, which can lower the usage and maintenance costs, improve capacity, and guarantee continuous operation.

ring die mold

3. Integrity structure, simple operation

-- The complete line conclude crusher, chipper, dryer, pellet making, cooler and package process.

-- A well line need integrity structure, simple operation, easy to control. It can be maintained overhall without shutdown.

4. Low energy consumption

-- Without separating the raw material, 1 ton pellets consume 55-75 °. It can save lots of costs.

-- However, some suppliers consume 80°/ton electricity, or even above 100-120 ° for same pellet line. The higher energy consumption, the higher investment.

low energy consumption

5. Small power, high capacity

-- The pellet line is with steady performance, low production cost, high pellet making, good pellet with high strength.

-- Roll bearing is with long life span. There is low ash in production line, good production environment.

6. Wide processing range

-- It is Suitable for kinds of raw materials, such as hardwood, pine, bamboo, peanut husk, rice husk, straw and other material, or other raw material with any proportion, it does not need additives during production.

raw material

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