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What is the use of wood pellet fuel?

Wood pellets also called biomass pellets, raw material mainly are pine, fir, birch, poplar, fruit, and agricultural straws, through the process crushing, drying, mixing, pressing, forming into new environmental-protective fuel pellets.

With the widely fossil energy use, the release substances, such as CO2, SO2, nitrogen oxides, etc, are seriously harm to the human living environment.

Sawdust pellets are widely used, mainly applied in following three aspects:

For Domestic heating and domestic energy

Use biomass burners to fuel pellets, for home heating, supplying life hot water.
>  Sawdust pellets belong low-carbon energy, low-carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen, low dust. No smoking, clean and environmentally after burn. No harmful substance produced, and safety.
>  Low investment. Price is lower than gas, coal, oil.
>  No power assist, high combustion efficiency, easy to store and easy to use. Little ash and easy clean after burning.

Home heating

For boiler fuel

 Automatically enter biomass burner and fuel directly. Then transfer heat to bioler
  Instead of coal, save cost, lower pollution. 10000 ton biomass pellets can replace 8000 ton standard coal, reduce SO2 160 ton; soot 160 ton, CO2 14400 ton.

Biomass Boiler

For electricity power

  Wood pellets as electricity power raw material, replace boiler fuel oil. It changes wastes into energy. Compared coal fuel electricity power, it reduces SO2 161.6 t/a, soot 40.74 t/a
  Little limits in natural conditions. Low investment at early work, make it Industrialization, large-scale.
  High fuel energy value, the cost is lower than oil energy. Sawdust pellets with high carbon activity, ash is coal’s 1/20, fuel rate can be above 98%. It is most important way to save energy and reduce the pollution substance by using wood pellets.
  Raw material can be agricultural wastes, foresty wastes. It is widely growing recycle. The burned ash also can be used in farmland fertilization, which is helpful for environment and society efficiency.


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