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Wood chipper maintenance code

1.Usually,the size of the feed port of the drum chipper is large. This is mainly for the purpose of getting used to a variety of materials, such as tortuous branches, side plates and bundles of small strips (waste boards), etc., You can't mistakenly think the bigger size of the feed port, the bigger raw material can enter , otherwise the blade and the machine will be damaged.

2.The drum chipper is suitable for cutting material which water content is 40%.

3.When starting up, it is necessary to start the motor of the discharge system first, and then start the main motor. After the rotation speed of the knife roll is stabilized, the feed system can be started to feed. When shutting down, it is necessary to close the feeding system first, and then the main motor is closed when the knife roll cannot cut the wood.

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4.When the wood chipper feeding system needs to be back, you need to press the stop button first. After the feeding system is aborted, press the back button again. When rewinding after retreating, it is also necessary to press the stop button and then press the travel button. Don't changes the buttons directly.

5.When tightening the flying knife and the bottom knife, it is necessary to use a torque wrench and a torque booster with precise torque to tighten according to the regular torque value.

6.The flying knife bolt and the bottom knife bolt are special high-strength bolts (the bolt head is symbolized). It must not be replaced by ordinary bolts to prevent problems. The service life of high-strength bolts is 1 year. After 1 year, it is necessary to replace them all.

7.It is necessary to replace the flying knives. When sharpening, the two flying knives should have the same amount of sharpening, ensuring the same weight of each flying knives to avoid machine oscillation.

8.The size of the flying knife is fixed, and no change is allowed. If the gap between the flying knife and the bottom knife does not meet the requirements of the rules, only the size of the bottom knife is allowed to be adjusted.

9.It is necessary for the drum chipper to operate under the condition of the hydraulic buffer system, otherwise it will cause the machine to oscillate.

10.When the chipper is working, you should pay attention to check the machine oscillation condition or abnormal movement, if there is large oscillation or abnormal noise, should immediately stop to view and eliminate.

11.Operating current must not exceed rated current at full load cutting.

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