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The Reasons for the Abnormal Appearance of Pellet Fuel (B)

What are the reasons for the abnormal appearance of pellet fuel? YUFCHINA will continue to tell you.

Pellet Fuel

五、Rough surface of the pellets

The rough surface may affect pellets’ appearance.Powder material used for pelletizing includes uncrushed or semi-crushed large particles.It doesn’t fully soften in tempering so it cannot perfectly combine with other material when passing the die hole.This will make the pellets’ surface rough.


Take control of the fineness of the powder material.Improve the effect of tempering so as to make all the material get fully softened while tempering.

六、Different color in a single pellet or among different units

Generally speaking,uneven color and curing of the pellets are related to mixed tempering.It mainly represents the color of particular pellets extruded from the ring die are darker or lighter than that of the normal pellets,or different colors appear on a single pellet’s surface.


Improve the effect of mixing;

Control the fineness and evenness of powder material;

Repair or replace the ring die and press roller;

Adjust the gap between roll dies to the best position.

Pellet Fuel

七、High powder content in pellets

The rough surface of pellets,loose pellets,uneven cut etc ,those all will make pellets easy to pulverize during transportation;the powder material produced during cooling process without been screened out.


Choose proper area of the ring die’s hole,compression ratio and feed rate;adjust or sharpen the cutter to make the pellets’ cut even;clean or overhaul sizing screen.

八、Varying length of the pellets

Uneven material distribution in the granulating chamber,uneven feeding rate,uneven wearness of press rollers and different gaps between roll dies in the same occasion will cause varying length of the pellets.Besides,unproper location and angle of the cutter will result the same.


Adjust the location and the angle of the cutter;keep a stable feed rate;adjust gaps between roll dies;clean blocked holes of the ring die timely;regularly check and adjust the concentricity of the ring die and the pellet machine.

The Reasons for The Abnormal Appearance of Pellet Fuel (A)

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