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Three Advantages of Palm Shell Biomass Pellets

Palm pellet fuel is a kind of palm waste, through crushing, pressing, drying, kneading, extrusion technology, forming biomass fuels. The palm shell making pellet fuel, has its unique advantages.

palm shell

Environmental protection

-- Biomass solid formed fuel, is the fourth-largest energy of coal, oil, natural gas. It can directly make use of crop straw by compression molding technology, without any additives or adhesives.

-- It is a kind of energy saving, environmental protection, clean and renewable resources. Palm shell as a kind of oil biomass fuels, it has higher combustion value than others.

Palm wire

-- Due to not containing sulfur and phosphorus, it does not produce SO2 and P2O5 during palm fuel burning, and therefore not lead to acid rain, not pollute the atmosphere, and not pollute the environment.

-- The main parameters: 

Inherent moisture Ash content Calorific value Impurities
8.4%adb 2.7%adb 4200Kcal/kg 0.36%

Energy saving

-- Biomass boiler compared with the coal boiler:

* 1.2 kg biomass fuel can replace of 1 kg standard coal, the combustion rate of combustion boiler is 68%. Instead of burning biomass carbon, due to increase the burner and economizer heating area, and adopted the gasification special process, make the biomass fuel fully combustion, so the thermal efficiency can reach 90%.

* By actual measurement, the use of biomass boiler can directly save 15% of coal boiler.

-- Compared with gas boiler:

* 1m3 natural gas can be replaced of 2.4kg biomass carbon 2.4kg, the gas thermal efficiency is 85%.

* By practical calculation, the use of biological boiler can directly save 20% of using gas boiler.

-- Compared with oil boiler:

* 2.9 kg biomass carbon can replace of 1kg oil, oil burning boiler thermal efficiency is 85%.

* By actual measurement, the use of biomass boiler can directly save nearly 30% of using oil boiler.

-- Palm combustion heat value can be as high as 4500 kcal/kg, moisture below 8.4%, ash content less than 3%, fully burning, more suitable for large-scale boiler combustion.

palm pellet

Low cost

-- Instead of waste sawdust, straw biomass fuels, less investment, short construction period.

-- Imported palm waste, which can be mixed with coal, to reduce consumption and reduce carbon emissions, particularly suitable for industry using coal as fuel, such as cement, power generation, etc.

-- Palm shell has more advantages than other biomass fuel particle characteristics, its natural density reached 1.1, small volume, light quality, invulnerability to breakage and more convenient to store.

-- Palm waste combustion does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, no corrosion of the boiler, and prolong the service life of boiler.

-- Biomass fuel clean and sanitation, easy feeding, reduce the workers’ intensity labor, greatly improve working environment, and reduce labor costs.

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