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Advantage for biosmass pellet as fuel

Along with the widely usage of the biomass energy, more and more investers gives attention to the biomass pellet industry. At the same time, many investers have some doubts, what is the usage for the biomass pellet? What is the advanateges for the biomass pellet?

biosmass pellet

First let me introduce what is the biomass pellet fuel

We can use many kinds of solid waste as raw materials, such as crop stalk, straw, peanut shell, corn cob, cotton stalk, soybean stalk, rick husk, grass, branch, leaves, sawdust, tree barks etc. After the process of crushing and pelletizing, we got solid pellet as fuel. The density of pellet becomes more than 1100kg/m3 even it is only 110-130kg/m3 for the raw materials. So the pellet is easy for transport and storage at the same its combustion performance increased.

biosmass pellet

biosmass pellet

Usage for the biomass pellet fuel

Civil heating and life energy. Clean, no pollution, easy for storage and transport.

Fuel for industry boiler and furnace, instead of coal and gas to solve the problem of environmen polution.

Fuel for gasification, power generation and thermal power.

biosmass pellet

biosmass pellet


Advantage of biomass pellet fuel

Large calorific value. Its heating value can achieve 3900-4800 kilocalorie/kg, when the pellet being carbonization, the heating value will be 7000-8000 kilocalorie/kg.

High purity because there is no addictive added in the production line.

Exclude of sulphur and phosphorus will protect the boiler from corrosion, which will longer the lifetime of the boiler and save cost for the owner. Also this can protect the environment in operation there is no Contaminated gas exhaused in the air.

Clean and easy to operate, improve the labour working environment and reduce the running cost.

The high level of organic potash fertilizer which can be recycling used. 

With more compact structure, the pellet fuel saves storage space, easy for transport and saves transportation fees also.

Profit of investment a biomass pellet factory

Three errors in the purchase of biomass pellet machine

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