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What need to check while testing machine?

Some clients ignore testing machine when they buy the machine, actually, the most important is testing machine. So what need to check while testing machine?

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Start checking

If the pellet machine has continuous first start the engine, then a few times, check the speed of the machine started, the stability.

Check the machine idling

Under normal operating speed continuous idling more than five minutes, to check whether the machine is running smoothly, with or without abnormal sound and so on.

Check the combined operation after the surface, sealing surface for leakage, each bearing position, and whether there is overheating gearbox.

pellet machine

Check your machine's operating performance

Preferably with your own raw materials test machine, the actual operation of the machine. Check functioning properly, whether the easy road phenomenon, how pressing the finished product quality.

If there is no test machine, you can manually check the operation of the machine, check the rotating member is flexible, with or without wiring problem.

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How about the protective measures?

All agricultural machinery need protective measures, which is mandatory. To this end, we must choose those with protective cover, reliable protective measures, warning labels when purchasing products.

This will not only use it at ease, but also to avoid accidents. If some products belong to the optional protective cover, it must be safe for future production, configure a shield.

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Totally, please ask and check more when purchasing machine, ask the technician clear about your problems.

You can ask to open the machine casing, testing the internal structure, on how the machine is running, the vulnerability of life, how to replace consumables, etc. These problems are learned with a comprehensive understanding.

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