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How to choose the suitable drying machine?

In the process of making biomass pellet fuel, only rely on the single pellet mill is not realistic, other auxiliary equipment will keep the qulified pellet output aas well as the production capacity.

The dryer is a moisture treatment equipment, with higher reputation among the majority of customers. The drier is widely used in the market, there are many kinds of drier designed for different kinds of materials, which provide great help for the customers with different case.

How to choose the suitable drying machine? What matters should be paid attention to when selecting a dryer?

drying machine

Raw Materials For Drying

For different kinds of raw materials, we can choose the drying machine according to the morphological property, heat-reactivity, fluxility, etc.

Cost Budget

When choosing of drying equipment, we can choose a more automatic, easy to control drying machine, so as to reduce the operators and operating cost.

At the same time, also we should considering about the local energy situation and try to make full usage of the local resources. Try to choose those applicable to a variety of fuel drying machine, so that we can make timely adjustments according to the market for the reduction of cost.

drying machine

Drying Rate

When selecting drying equipment, we should better choose those drying machine with stable work, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

Equipment Performance

When selecting drying machine, we should better choose the drying device with simple structure, adequate supply of spare parts, high reliability and long service life.

On-the-spot Investigation

We should better go to visit the supplier and running site to have a well knowledge of the product and supplier.

In addition to price and safety performance, please pay more attention to the  and other factors, but also pay attention to the production capacity and after-sales service of the supplier, etc., which will have a certain impact on your purchase and production.

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