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Old users teach you how to choose pellet production equipment

For those who want to enter the granule industry, to learn lessons from old user equipment to overcome the shortcomings, critical industry risk , is very important.

What is the material?

If your material is dry sawdust, wood chips, sawdust, wood flour, wood shavings and other small, you can start from the most simple: a drum sieve plus a biomass pellet machine, feeding the materials with a belt conveyor, then plus cabinet.

Not only less investment, but more important is, work is simple, easy to operate. Many old customers are beginning with this simple configuration.

raw material

The power condition

Biomass pellet machine operation needs to consume a lot of electricity, it requires a transformer should not be too small.

Generally, if the transformer is less than 80kva, this condition is difficult for pellet machine generating profits. Small transformers can be uses for mini biomass pellet machines.

So for future development, it is recommended to use a transformer with enough capacity.

Multiple pellet mills in parallel

Many old users in the selection of equipment will take into account aspects of artificial factors, then select two or more than two pellet machine combined into a production line. Wherein selecting a combination of the two pellet machine almost accounted for 30-40% of users, a combination of two or more pellet machine user accounts for 5-10%.

pellet machine

Dryer configuration

Dryer is the auxiliary equipment for biomass pellet machine functioning and sustainable production. the main role is to provide proper moisture raw materials for biomass pellet mill. In the choice of equipment, Users must configure the appropriate dryer based on raw water, features.

Rotary Dryer

Air-Flow Dryer

The last but not least, visiting the old wood pellet machine user's production site, will help you to get first-hand information. And then by examining the wood pellet machine manufacturers, and discuss with professionals, make a specific reasonable equipment configuration. You will have a good start!

Which pellet machine is best for biomass pellet fuel?

What need to check while testing machine?

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