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How to clean the easily blocked component for pellet mill?

Biomass Pellet Making Machine is more and more widely used in the industry field. It is the major equipment in making pellets. While inappropriate operations may block some components in use. Therefore we’d better know some skill to clean the component that is most easily to block.

Well, what operations may cause blockage?

clean pellet mill

1.The moisture content of the raw material

If the moisture content of the raw material is too high, the pellet machine may be block.

So we should control the moisture content of the material strictly when operating the pellet machine, so as to make sure it works more smoothly and produces better pellets.

clean pellet mill

2.The evenly feed of material

The major premise of pelletizing and machining particles is that the materials are fed evenly to the machine. Without even feeding, the machine could not operate well.

In addition, the basis of the normal and efficient working performance is that the feeder should be cleaned up regularly.

From what have mentioned above, we’d better pay attention to these two points and make daily maintenance and clear-up to ensure the biomass pellet machine work efficiently for a long time.

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