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Is it necessary to cooling the pellet?

More and more people invests in biomass industry,  but lots of people do not quite understand this industry, and generally consider the pellet mill is the most important one while other auxiliary equipment is unnecessary. This view of point is wrong.

Although pellet mill is the heart of the entire production line, but some other auxiliary equipment are also playing an important role, such as pellet cooling equipment. As we know, the pellets produced by pellet mill high temperature pressing, are of temperature about 60-70 degrees. And the water content of pellets is also high. It not suitable for direct packaging and storage.

cooling the pellet

If now ignoring the cooling and directly bagging, it will bring a lot of negative effects. For example, there will be damp phenomenon, and affecting combustion; due to the pellet temperature is too high, it will produce steam after bagging and soften or even crack the pellets. But if we do cooling, the pellet hardness will be increased, and the quantity of finished pellets will increase also.

Working with suitable cooling device, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the pellet mill, and reduce processing cost, labor and pellet waste, thus ensure a profit-oriented and sustainable pellet production. However, some small and medium enterprises with limited funds, space and other factors, they are not interested in the cooling equipment.

cooling the pellet

If the pellet mill works 1-3 hours per day and produces 2-3ton per day, mainly for their own use, it can use air cooling.  Once the yield is higher, it is necessary to configure the cool-drying device.

Here, we can make a rough calculation. If use two drying workers for one year, it needs to pay about USD4600-6200; if use a small cooler, the equipment cost is only several thousand dollars one-off. But labor cost is required to pay each year, while the cooling machine can work for 5-12 years. The crushing rate of artificial cool-drying is about 3-7%, while the cool-drying device only between 1-4%. By this way, it is not a small fee.

Therefore, considering whether from the comparative efficiency or cost profit, the cooling equipment is indispensable in the pellet production line.

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