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Pellets must be cool before bagging them

-- It's better to judge the quality of pellet fuel by hardness, surface smoothness, powder ration, water resistance, etc. These factors affect by material size, moisture, pellet machine specification, cooling effect, etc.

wood pellet

-- Pellet come out from pellet machine at a temperature of about 75-85 ℃, moisture <15%, structure is flabby, easily broken. So need to decrease moisture to <10%, temperature 5℃ around room temperature help to storage, and must force the pellet being cooled.

-- Pellet fuel cooling has two type accoding to air and pellet flow direction: Counter flow cooling and downstream cooling. The two cooling type can cool and dry pellet to requirement temperature and moisture, but pellet quality may difference.

Counter flow cooling

Counter flow cooling is that air flow and pellet has reverse direction. Pellet come out from pellet machine with high temperature and moisture, when pellet come in to cooler, meet with upward dry and cool air, reaction with heat and wet, heat and moisture dicharged by fan from cooler upper part, pellet free fall and flow out the screen of cooler, the finished pellet with smooth surface, and rare cracking, with small powderness, water resistance time is long.

Counter Flow Cooler

Downstream cooling

Downstream cooling is that cooling medium and pellet has same flow direction, its cooling function not good as countercurrent cooler, final lead to not complete dry effect, surface with crack not smooth, powderness rate is high, not water resistance. So, in practical need choose countercurrent cooler.

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