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Do we need drier for pellet making?

Qulified pellet fuel is very hot in the market with higher prices.Of course, this is a great relationship with the production process of pellet making.

In the production process, in addition to ensure the cleanliness, viscosity and hardness of raw materials, but also to ensure that about the raw material humidity. And the molding effect is bad if too wet. Therefore, it is necessary to pretreatment of raw materials.

When we purchase the raw materials, usually the moisture is betwwen 10% and 40%. With the good condition of environment, the moisture content can be reduced to 20% by the air and sunshine natural drying. But it is not yet reach the pelletization requirements. The ideal moistue content should be 8% - 15%.

If treated with human drying drying will not only affects the production efficiency, but also caused the increase of production cost. So we need by drying machine for quick drying, reduce the raw material moisture content, suitable to meet the requirements of. If you want to for a long time, a large number of processing, the most desirable method is proper configuration of drying machine.

Nowadays there are three types of drying equipment in the market, which are air flow drier, drum drier and three-drum drier. Here, you will find some solutions when chooseing the types of drier.


Air Flow Drier

Air drying machine relies on the hot air flow to complete the drying of the material. The air flow dryer is suitable for lighter weight materials.

Withe fast drying speed, the air flow drier is economic for smalle cost.



Rotary Drier

With strength drying capability, the efficient drying area is the total surface area for pellet. Short drying period with high capacity and high thermal efficiency, the rotary drier is running reliable and steady.

YUFCHINA adopts advanced technology of “Centering type supporting wheel device”, which will greatly reduce the wearing and powder loss.


3-Drum Drier

3-drum dryer improve the internal structure of the rotary dryer, and add the pre-drying & extend drying period, coupled with the sealing, insulation and reasonable supporting measures.

3-drum dryer with lower discharge temperature and longer lifetime, fuel can adapt to coal, oil and gas. Application is materials less than 20mm, with the shape of block, granular or powder. Riding wheel driving instead of the gear transmission for energy saving.

3-drum drier have the advantage of smaller area, lower power consumption, less investment, fast recovery costs. Self insulation thermal efficiency as high as 70%, it is the best choise in the big scale of biomass pelle fuel production line.

Therefore, considering about the production capacity, operation cost, and operability, the drying machine is the indispensable equipment for pellet making. Any questions are welcome, YufChina will provide you with the best quality service.

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