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Lubrication requirements about the emergency bearing of pellet machine

Lubrication system is an indispensable part of the pellet machine in the whole production line. The pellet machine will not perform normally if lacks of lubricant during the process of pellet making.

emergency bearing

What are the lubrication requirements for the emergency bearing during production of the pellet machine?

First.Lubricate the press roller of equipment at least once every 4 hours when pellet machine runs long time with no rest . In addition,  it’s suggested that put a few lubricant on the machine when runs an hour.

Second.Lubricate the main shaft bearing of pellet machine at a time every 8 hours.

Third.Replace gear box oil when the working hour of the machine is up to 2000 hours or at a time every  6 months.

emergency bearing

Fourth.Check the oil level of the feeder’ s transmission device on time once a week and put a little oil to the roller’s chain.

Fifth.Add some lubricant to the modulator of pellet machine and the bearing of feeder once a  month.

Sixth.It is better to add some lubricant to the cutting knife shelf of pellet machine once a day if the machine works normally, and it’s suggested to lubricate by hand so that the machine will be more convenient when using. 

Maintain the machine at intervals to avoid breaking down to affect the yield of the machine in the production of pellet making.

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