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What Advantage Do Straw Pellet Machines Have?

Straw pellet machine is also called straw shredding and pelletizing machine. It is a kind of biomass pellet fuel molding machine, with raw materias mainly of crop straw, such as corn straw, cotton straw, soybean straw, paddy straw and so forth.

As the pellet machines in the market are used without distinction, YUFCHINA has developed a unique pellet mill mold specializing in straw material. It is able to make the highly viscous material into pellets easily.

The main drive of YUFENG Straw Pellet Machine adopts high precision gears. The ring die adopts quick-detachable holt hoop iron. The efficiency is raised about 20%  than belt conveyor. The drive part of the whole machine uses bearings and oil seals of high quality to ensure the efficient and stable transmission with low noise. It mainly possesses the following advantages:

Straw pellet machine

High Wear Resistance and Few Machine Stoppage

The wearing parts such as mold are precisely manufactured with high level stainless steel, which prolongs the machine’s service life.

Low Energy Consumption and High Production

When the main motor power is 90kw, the production runs up to 1-1.5t/h. Under the same energy consumption , the production is leading in the industry.

Straw pellet machine

Wide Application and Excellent Pellet

The machine is suitable to mold all kinds of biomass material. After molding, the pellets are smooth and beautiful. They have few cracks, high density and adjustable lengths.

Stable Performance and Low Noise

The machine has stable performance, and is safe and reliable. It takes small space and has low noise.

Reliable and Ensuring

YUFCHINA offers technical support throughout the whole course. We also provide the client with 24 hours free service to make sure that each client´s machine works normally and efficiently.

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