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Find to good quality wood pellet

As you know, wood pellet with high heating value, clean and easy to transport and storage, so what is called the good quality wood pellet?

wood pellet

Wood pellet can be defined into hard wood pellet and soft wood pellet. Hard wood pellet with high in density, like the birch, cottonwood, Chinese yew, elm, etc. Normally hard wood with lower moisture and can last for longer burning period when compare with the soft wood. While soft wood like the pine, mahogany, spruce, etc. Compared with the hard wood, soft wood will burning more fully performance. So these two types have their own advantages.

There are many kinds of sawdust and different kinds of sawdust with different heating value pellet. The suitable moisture for raw materials will be between 8-15% for pellet making.

wood pellet

Different for hard wood and soft wood pellet

For marketing price, hard wood pellet can be sold with more higher price than the soft wood pellet, as raw materials prices also different.

For heating, with same quantity pellet, soft wood pellet will gives more heating than the hard wood pellet.

For ash content when burning, some people thinks hard wood pellet carries less ash than the soft wood pellet. In fact, to keep clean raw materials is much important than chooing hard or soft wood as raw materials. Types of raw materials, clean or not of the raw materials, pellet mill die suitable or not, moisture suitable or not, all these factors will have influence with the ash content when burning of the wood pellet.

In brief, wood pellet machine is the most important factor for the pellet quality. 

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