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What kind pellets should be called high quality biomass pellets?

How to identify the quality of your pellet fuel? What kind of biomass particles is good? How to ensure that your pellets have a good quality and the market? Maybe this is a problem for you. But after reading the story, your problem will be solved.

wood pellets

Quality method to identify pellets

Biomass pellets raw material are varied and include wood chips, straw, peanut shells, cotton stalks, garbage, straw, etc. The highest value is pure wood pellet fuel, straw pellets, followed by the worst garbage.
TCM by "observation, listening, interrogation, and pulse-taking" to diagnose the illness. Now we refer to come, let’s introduce a method to identify the particle quality.

biomass pellets

Observation: The color observed pellets, shiny, purity, after burning ash and other raw materials.

As for color, wood pellets and straw pellets are mostly yellow, brown, and garbage particles was black.

    * Purity is said to grain situation, the better the granulation conditions, less scrap is fine particles. After combustion ash particles less, indicating that pure raw materials, fine quality.
    * Pure wood biomass particles only 1% ash, straw ash particles larger ash particles up garbage, up to 30%, the quality most times.
    There are many factories in order to save costs, lime, talc and other impurities in the particles, the combustion ash was white, so it is very good.
    The better quality particles, the higher the gloss, solid waste particles are not shiny.

Smell: refers to smell the odor particles.

   Since the biomass particles in the production process, you can not add any additives, so most of the particles also maintained its odor of raw materials.
    There is a wood pellet wood aroma, all kinds of straw particles has its unique smell of straw, garbage particles have a gutter smell after fermentation.

biomass pellets

Interrogation: refers to a variety of situations inquiry raw materials and production status particles.

   By asking for information, ask specific details about the actual production of biomass particles, ask nature, characteristics and other raw materials.

Pulse-taking: Refers to touch particles, quality identification particles.

   Touch particles, smooth surface, no cracks, no debris, high hardness, indicating good quality.
   Surface is not smooth, there are obvious cracks, many scrap, it is not good hands pinch broken particle quality.

wood pellets

Identification of pellet fuel performance
Compared with ordinary firewood fuel, biomass Curing fuel has a high density, high strength, easy to transport and handling, uniform shape and nature, good combustion performance, high calorific value, adaptability, easy to operate fuel control, etc. Good raw performance pellet fuel are mainly a few aspects:

Name Biomass pellet performance
Calorific Value ≥ 16.9MJ/kg
Density > 1.1t/m3
Ash < 2%
Volatile ≥ 80%
Moisture ≤ 8%
Broken Rate < 2%
Burn Rate ≥ 95%
Thermal Efficiency ≥ 81%
Diameter 6—8 mm


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