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How long biomass pellet can burn?

A lot of people consult this question: how long can biomass pellet fuel? The answer is uncertain. Under different combustion method, combustion time in different burner is different, while pellet fuel itself also will affect the combustion time.

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Fuel characteristics affect burning time

♦ Moisture

Generally, the presence of moisture content will be evaporated, then the biomass fuel calorific value will be lower. High moisture content is difficult to make a fire, affecting the combustion speed.

♦ Volatile

The biomass fuel volatile and calorific value have a great impact on the ignition and combustion. The higher volatile of calorific value, the high initial temperature. When the fuel is heated, volatile is firstly precipitation, and the fire burned.


Ash is the non-combustible components in biomass pellet fuel, the higher ash content, the lower combustible components, the calorific value is lower, so is the combustion temperature.

♦ Biomass pellet fuel properties and molding pressure

The burning time is proportional to the pellet diameter square, namely, the thicker pellet is, the longer burning time.
The big porosity pellet fuel is easy to fuel, with good combustion properties; otherwise, small porosity is with poor combustion performance.

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Burning time and burning efficiency

-- The burning time has nothing to do with the combustion efficiency, the greater pellet density, the longer duration of combustion.

-- Combustion efficiency is measured by the calorific value in unit price. Namely, the cost of the same heat measure the combustion efficiency.

-- Pellet fuel is generally suitable for families, small and medium sized power plants, boilers, heat value is around 16000-17000 KJ/KG. Its calorific value and the actual effect is better than ordinary briquettes.

What need to check while testing machine?

Four factors influence the pellet fuel quality

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