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Five Tips Guiding you how to choose Raw Materials in Pellet Making Plant

As a biomass pellet manufacturer,you must figure out which kind of raw material can make good quality biomass pellet.

choose Raw Materials

1. Strictly Moisture control
Pellet machine has high strict on material moisture,No mater what kind of material we use, we should control the raw materials moisture range from 8%-15%,if too dry not easy for pellet forming, but too wet easy bracked.
2.If need add adhesive
In the production of wood pellet making, you can just use pure sawdust, and there is no need to add any adhesive. Because the sawdust is a kind of rude fiber,when wood pellet machine producing,it will arouse high temperature and pressure,which can make cellulose active,it become adhesive its self. It should be noted here, when you produce the wood pellet,  no need to add any adhesive, otherwise it will reduce the quality and selling price of wood pellet, because the adhesive you add to the pellet will gumming when the pellet burning in boiler.
choose Raw Materials

3.If Different sawdust can be mixed?

In fact, pure sawdust means we can use many kinds of wood sawdust separately and mixture of them. Many kinds of sawdust are aviable, such as annatto,poplar,leftovers of furniture factory,etc. Genearlly, as the crop straw, peanut shell, grass, etc, all these herbs and woody material can be use to make pellet.

4.Material size after crushed

Logs, wood chips, branches, etc must be crushed before pellet making. The finished size are different according to different sizes of diamter for pellet and mold hole. So to control the crushed sawdust sizes are important in the pellet making production line.
choose Raw Materials

5.When material mildrew,what should We do?
We can not use the raw materials if  the material being mildrew,color changed to black,cellulose in sawdust being resolve by microorganism. But if you insist on to use it, We suggest you to add more than 50% fresh and good quality sawdust, and please keep uniform mixing before you produce the wood pellet.

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