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Common Sense & Misunderstanding of Maintenance the Pellet Machine

To ensure a longterm effective use of pellet machine,daily maintenance is necessary.

Do you know the requisite common sense of maintenance of the pellet machine?

the Pellet Machine
Regularly check the components of the pellet machine,Had better check once a month. Check whether they work flexibly and their wear condition for the worm wheel, worm, bolts on the lubricating block, bearing etc ,can .Please repair without any delay if you find the faults. Do not put up with it.

The roller of the pellet machine may float back and forth when working, please adjust the screws on the front bearing in a right place. If the shaft gear floats,p lease adjust the screws behind the bearing bracket in a right place. It’s better to adjust the gap with which bearing won’t make noise and when you move the belt pulley with hand,keep a appropriate elasticity.

Pellet machine should be put in the clean and dry interior.Do not use it in the place filled with acid and corrosive gas.

When finish or stop using,you should take out the rotating cylinder and brush the powder remaining in the hopper.Then assemble it for the use next time.

If you don’t use the machine for a long time, you should clean up its body and coat with anti-rust oil on the surface of components.Cover it with cloth.

the Pellet Machine

While maintaining,do avoid some misunderstandings to prevent unwanted damages to the machine:

--All lubricating oil can apply to the pellet machine

Different lubricating oil has different feature and different function.Choose the right one when add it to the machine.

--Use same kind of lubricating oil all the year around

Choose appropriate lubricating oil and change it from time to time.With the changing of the weather and the environment, lubricating oil should be changed .

--The more lubricating oil,the better

Proper quantities of lubricating oil can protect the equipment,but too much may result to side-effect.

Only with good maintenance and care can you effectively prolong the service life of the pellet machine,reduce the cost and improve the efficiency.

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