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How is the material affect the production of wood pellet machine?

Analysis the impact of raw materials for production of wood pellet machine, not only can help to improve production efficiency of wood pellet machine, but only can increase forming rate of the equipment.

The viscosity of raw materials

The higher raw material viscosity, the more it adhesion. High viscosity raw material will adhere to the inner chamber, it will affect the pellet machine working efficiency or even the normal working if it is not cleared up in time.

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Composition of raw material

The smaller raw material size is, the easier making pellets. Smaller size is easier to press into mold hole via roller, so please assure it is smaller size before making pellets. Screen big size out, assure the pellet machine work well.

The hardness of of raw materials

Hard raw material is difficult to make pellets, it is serious to wear and tear sawdust pellet machine. The slower speed making pellets, the smaller capacity.

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The moisture content of raw materials

Higher raw material moisture is to make poor pellet forming, lower moisture, good pellet forming. If the moisture is too low, the energy consumption will be high; if raw material density is high, the wearing will be higher.

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