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Skills That we Need To Know for the Pellet Machine Operation

To avoid problems that may happen during the operating of the pellet machine,we need to master some using skills to make it work more effectively.

the Pellet Machine

1.Change the wrong way of feeding,pay attention to feed evenly.This can make the pellet machine work more smoothly and keep it operating with high speed.If permitted,clients can buy a feeder when purchasing the pellet machine.It is convenient and labor-saving.

2.Choose proper mold aperture. If the hole’s diameter is too small, which usually cause low yield or the block of the material.So,when purchasing the pellet machine,carefully inquire the salesman and assemble the pellet machine with proper mold aperture.

3.Adjust the gap between the mold and the pressing wheel.Proper press can make the pellets in the best condition of density and the degree of curing.

4.Keep the pellet machine clean.When using,if users don’t pay attention to clean the machine,it will shorten its life.So,often clean the machine and regularly maintain the machine can effectively prolong the service life of the pellet machine.

the Pellet Machine

5.Regularly add the butter and lubricating oil can effectively improve the efficiency of the machine.

6.Before starting and shutting down the machine, please use the lubrication material to  clean the mold.

7.When the pellet machine gets stuck,stop it immediately.Restart after you have found the cause of trouble and adjusted.

8.Regularly check the machine and timely change the worn parts.

Master these skills ,you can not only effectively improve the using efficiency of the machine,but also prolong the service life of it.

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