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Flat die or ring die pellet mill, which is better?

In recent years, the technology of biomass pellet machine has become a kind of trend, the different kinds and types of pellet machine also have their own advantages.Customers who do not know the condition of the market well inevitably go into the troubles during the purchase process. So we chose flat die pellet machine or ring die in the production of biomass pellet fuel? And what is their difference?

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The feeding way

Flat die pellet machine adopts mechanical forced feed, high-speed rotating centrifuge goes into the pellet-making chamber step by step, through a scraper to distribute materials. The flat die pellet machine vertically goes into the pressure chamber by material own weight.

In the mould of same diameter, the pressing wheel’s diameter of ring die pellet machine will be limited by the diameter of ring die mould, the pressure also will be restricted; but the pressure wheel’s diameter of flat die pellet machine is not limited by the die’s diameter so that it can strengthen the bearing space of device inside.

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Ring die pellet machine features high production, less power consumption, but the production of flat die pellet machine is small because of lower rotating speed than ring die pellet machine’s and other reasons. The capacity of flat die pellet machine is from more than 100 kg to 1000 kg for an hour, and there is no much space to improve , but the ring die pellet machine yields 800 kg per hour at least, it can up to more than 20 tons.
Whether flat die or ring die pellet machine, they have their own advantages and disadvantages in the production of pellet fuel. YufChina combines advantages both of them and the customer’s demand, and have launched YFK series vertical ring die pellet machine with perfect market competitiveness after long time research. Nowadays the series of products has become mature biomass pellet machine especially in the fields of technology.

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YFK series vertical ring die pellet machine represents the most advanced and  stable technology of China, whether the output of a single machine (the largest output of a single machine is 4 tons / hour ) or it forming rate , the series are leading ahead in the peer. Thus, no matter how much your demanding production , we strongly introduce the series machine because it can bring you huge rate of return on investment.

YFK series ring die pellet machine is applicable to various materials: sawdust, tree branches waste, as well as rice husk, shell of sunflower seed, peanut shell. Crop straw: Eucalyptus, palm fiber, coffee shell, coconut shell, etc.

The produced pellet being a pellet fuel is widely used in biological combustion plants, power plants, boiler plants and so on . Bio energy is advocated as a whole world project , the prospect is very broad.

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