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What kind of pelletizer can product high quality pellets?

As a professional wood pellet machine manufacturer, pellets quality should be considered firstly, then you can obtain the market. Then What kind of pellet machine can product high quality pellets? How to separate the uneven pellets market?

Yufchina results in serveral charateristics:


1. Low failure rate. Simple structure, low land area size, easy operation, low noise, no need shutdown during maintenance.
2. Low energy consumption. 1 ton pellets consume around 55-57 ° electricity, less than 80°.
3. Low labor. One complete line just need 2 workers from production to package, 2 line need 3 workers, 3-4 lines need 4 workers.

pellet machine


1. High quality and hardness. No need additives during production. The hardness is 1.1-1.3 ton/m3.
2. High capacity and pellet making rate. Pellet making rate is above 95%. Even pellet making.
3. High pellet machine working efficiency. It can do 24 working hours.
4. Pellet machine box casting is made with high-quality steel, uniform thickness, compact structure. Mold is made of high-quality steel, high strength, wear resistance and toughness.

pellet machine box casting is made with high-quality steel

5. Long mold life span. More than 1000 hours. Mold opening number,directly impact on the life of the mold production costs, the same types of mold, add one more hole, mold life capacity can produce one ton more. So you should consider the number of die holes when choosing pellet machine, in an appropriate range, opening more holes, the longer mold production life span.

Ring die mold

6. Raw material. There are kinds of raw material, such as hardwood, pine, bamboo, peanut husk, rice husk, straw and other material; it can be made into pellets without any additives. It can press agriculture wastes into pellets as fuels; Sewage treatment plant sludge,tobacco smoke residue,sugar sugar residue also can be pressed into biomass pellets

Market analysis of wood pellets price

What kind pellets should be called high quality biomass pellets?

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