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How much is the wood pellet production line?

Generally the scope of this issue is too broad, and there are many factors that determine the price. For a complete pellet fuel production line, the price ranges from 100,000 RMB to 10,000,000 RMB.

Below is specific analysis of these factors.

pellet production line

The Yield

Yield is the first major factor in determining prices. Large yield requires large machinery and high efficiency, also the corresponding price will be high. The larger the output capacity, the higher the price level.

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The raw material

General it requirements the raw material size to be 2-6mm, moisture 10-15%. if the material does not meet these conditions, need pre-processing.

If the raw materials are branches or wood waste, it will need crushing equipment; if raw material moisture is too high, it will need drying equipment. Thus, the production line requires more equipments, and the price is high.  

raw material

The Process

So-called process, refers to the automation degree and operation mode of the production line. If high degree of automation, the price will be high. The higher degree of the Running mode and transport mode, the dust will be less, and the price will be high. If the process is simple, the price will be naturally cheaper. 

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The Quality

Recently biomass pellet fuel industry is hot, and many people start this nascent market, trying to share the cake. so there are lots of manufacturers, with varies quality, and different prices.

Good manufacturers have high technology, high precision, high stability, the price is certainly high. If you want to do your own pellet fuel factory, you must choose good, stable quality manufacturers with full technical support.

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