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Three errors in the purchase of biomass pellet machine

With the widely application of renewable energy biomass, many investors begin to build biomass pellet plant, but they often face some problems during the purchase of biomass pellet machines.

purchase of pellet machine

Small power with large capacity

In fact,it is unreasonable. Enougy power is necessary to run the machine for getting expted capacity and quality. The so-called small power with large capacity is just the irresponsible commitment.

purchase of pellet machine

Low prices

All users want to purchase equipment with the lowest price, but as you know the good qualtiy is more important than the price. Reasonable price is the basic work to ensure the equipent quality, sale services and running liftime. So the reasonable cost performace is the most important.

purchase of pellet machine

Retention money assurance the quality and service

Many customers believe that the retention money can ensure the quality of equipment and service of supplier. In fact, this will not 100% approach what you want. Because some bad businesses are prepared in advance.

purchase of pellet machine

So how to find an excellent quality & after-sale suppliers?

First, to produce qualified pellet, the die is the important characteristic. Different raw materials, different rotation speed, different motor power, all have influence with the die parameters.

Please note that:
To obtain the desired pellets, you would better take the raw material to test it and proof, and got enough knowledge of the machine performance and operation methods.

All in all, please contact suppliers while choosing pellet machine and purchase a suitable machine according to your requirements.

In short, well communicate is good for your choice and your future work to run a good pellet factory.

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