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What issues should be paied attention to while purchasing pellet machine?

Biomass pellet fuel is popular for its environmental protection,low cost,high calorific value,which attracts many investors. So,while purchasing and using pellet machine,what issues should the clients pay attention to?

pellet machine

I.What pellets are appropriate to make pellet fuel?

This is the prior issue that the biomass industry need consider. A suitable and durable machine is no doubt crucial in production.

As the renovation of biomass pellet machine and the improvement of manufacturing techniques in recent years,Yufeng heavy machinery launched YFK series vertical ring die pellet machines,which are suitable for a wide range of raw materials.Meanwhile,they are stable,durable and high yielded.YFK series have a variety of types of machines to meet your needs for different output.

This machine adopts a unique separation design of the spindle, which ensures the concentricity of the equipment ,stable and efficient running and reduces the failure rate; the machine needn’t downtime. It can achieve 24 hours non-stop automatic lubrication to prolong the life of vulnerable parts; besides, the die of the machine is set with vertical double layer.After one side of the mold wears,you can turn it over and use the other side.This improves the utilization,reduces the cost and has high cost performance.

II. Where is appropriate to put the purchased pellet machine?

There are strict rules to put pellet machine. It must be put in the dry and clean room to use. There can’t be acid or other organic corrosive gas flowing in the air.

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III.Equipment installation

To prevent leakage,we need earth wire to ground the device.

IV.What should we pay attention to raw materials?

The moisture content of raw materials can’t be too high. Wet materials should be dried by a dryer to avoid damaging the pellet machine.

The pellet size of raw materials should be appropriate. Too thick materials will cause pellets breaking and pellets seizing-up,which results in die loss.

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V.Inlet materials

It must be even when feed the pellet machine.Too much materials will cause machine blocking. It will affect the life of pellet machine if this condition often occurs.

VI.The length of pellets

The length of pellets produced is adjustable,which can be done at the upper and lower position of the cutter according to customers´demands.


When the pellet machine operates a period of time, it needs timely maintenance and cleanup.

If not use for a long time, please clean up the machine,coat it with anti-rust oil,cover it with cloth and ensure the pellet machine could be used normally next time.

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